How DieselTRONIC works?

DieselTRONIC modulates the fuel & boost (in Dual Channel) delivery to an engine, based on an adaptive preprogrammed map on board. It is connected to the Rail Pressure Sensor and Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (in case of vehicles with turbo-boost control capability by the stock ECU) and modifies the signals ensuring THE ENGINE DELIVERS OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE DYNAMICALLY.

Best tuning box. I fixed single channel box in my Fluidic Verna 1.6 Sx 6 years back and without any problems I have been using it.¬†In my I20, Ford Ecosport of my son we fixed dual channel DieselTRONIC boxes . Now my Ford Ecosport’s initial lag in pick-up is not there with the tuning box.
Recently I bought Creta Sx O and fixed single channel tuning box in it . Those who purchase this box will enjoy the ride quality and pick-up.

Venkat Jagdeesh


To put my review in one line “it’s excellent totally transformed the performance of the engine!!!!!”. P2 mode is extreme , P1 is balanced and gives best of both worlds ie economy and performance. It felt as if driving an automatic but with performance of a geared car. Initially thought of upgrading to upcoming new Civic or a Merc due to no pep in idtec, but after DieselTRONIC install dropped the idea. Thanks!! Race Dynamics team for giving such an excellent product. You also saved me the cost of an upgrade.

Satish Kumar

Got the single channel DieselTRONIC installed in my Honda Amaze 2 weeks back and the performance difference has just blown me away! P2 mode is an absolute beast. The car has become so smooth that I can’t think of driving without the box.

Planning on upgrading to the dual channel box in the future after upsizing the car’s tyres. I highly recommend it to all diesel car owners out there.

Arjun Satheesh

Excellent Customer Support even for remote installation. Answering to queries all the time.

I recently installed the dual channel on my TDCi Ford Ecosport, the chip does what it is required to do, HUGE boost in torque and power in the P2 mode.. Keep it up Race Dynamics.

Krishna Subba

DieselTRONIC Installation